mr. pearl.


“To wear the corset all the time, the way I do, is my true discipline. To be tied all the time – as I am – one is best when left tied. Except when you bathe of course. I am always tied. It is very odd now to be loose – to be loose, to leave the laces even slightly untied is wrong – one feels unnatural, incomplete. It is essential to always wear the corset very tight and well-tied. We understand the tying of the bow denotes possession. The gentleman who has the pleasure of tying the final bow owns you. The maid might do the lacings, but the owner of the laced will tie the final knot. Both gentlemen and ladies in this modern age have lost the sensibility to appreciate that possession – that benign ownership. The only thing he might lace is his sneaker. [This said with a note of despair, a melancholy laugh.] One is sadly left to manipulate only one’s own few laces.”

(extract from an interview by verbal abuse magazine.


photo by michael james o\’brien.


also, an interview by fax from diane, a shaded view on fashion.





love it.


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