my privelidged runaway.

the clock strikes midnight, it’s time. he grabs his father’s smoking jacket, his mother’s pearls, two bottles of wine and his new chapstick on the way out; all for survival, of course.
he escapes through his sister’s window, down the fire escape on 72nd avenue and madison – it’s now the time to see the world through his own eyes, not his father’s…this escape from his parents’ world will allow him to explore the unknown and search for the true meaning of life; what is his purpose?
confusion by this independence strikes instantly; he walks down the street smiling with confidence. he thinks he fits in immediately, not realising the rolex on his wrist and opera slippers on his feet make him stand out like a sore thumb. it starts to grow cold; he sells his mother’s pearls to a pawn shop for quick cash for him and his ‘friends’ to spend. he trades wine and spirits for their street clothes – heavy henley and leggings, fingerless gloves – wow, what a relief; now he feels he really fits in, all he needs is a little dirt on his face to top it off.
three days pass; though he begins to appreciate this new-found freedom, he also misses miss elena’s breakfast in bed every morning. her chocolate chip pancakes were to die for.
mommy, daddy – i will never do anything like this ever again. he makes it back just in time for his wednesday piano lesson.

by the hutsons (obedient sons & daughters):





even if you don’t like the clothes just have a look at the damn cool website.


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