about me.

Twenty Questions

1. What are you currently reading?

great expectations – charles dickens.

2. What are your favourite books?

of mice and men – john steinbeck, a history of love – nicole krauss, extremely loud and incredibly close – jonathan safran foer, a clockwork orange – anthony burgess, the beautiful and damned – f. scott fitzgerald, to kill a mockingbird – harper lee, catcher in the rye – j. d. salinger…

3. What are your favourite movies?

the dreamers, everything is illuminated, a scanner darkly, spirited away, volver…

4. Where do you mostly find your photo-loves?

flickr & other people’s blogs.

5. What is your favourite snack?

cheesecake, salt and vinegar kettle chips.

6. Where do you live?

east london.

7. What is more intense to you – pictures or words?


8. Would you rather be an artist or a writer?


9. What are your favorite magazines?

lula and 10 men.

10. What do you do?

studying menswear design and technology.

11. If you could live any where you wanted to right now, where would it be?

paris, if only i could speak french. i’m learning though.

12. What are your favourite places to shop?

brick lane, spitalfields market and topshop.

13. What is your type of tea?

i’m more of a coffee drinker, carluccio’s does amazing stuff.

14. What is(are) your favorite flower(s)?

black roses, white lillies or purple tulips.

15. What perfume do you use?

viktor & rolf’s flowerbomb although i am considering going back to vivienne westwood’s boudoir.

16. What is your favorite accessory?

at the moment, the heart shaped lock pendant attached to my scaffold earring.

17. What was your last purchase?

croissants and coffee for breakfast in bed with my boy yesterday.

18. Which are your favourite blogs?

le love, knight cat, this is glamorous, a cup of jo, garance dore.

19. Why do you read blogs?

because they are addictive, to get inspiration for uni and to learn about new photographers/designers/artists.

20. Why did you start blogging?

to have a place to share all the things i find interesting so that i can stop incessantly emailing all my friends with things i think they’ll like. consequently it has also made me much more organised as well.

courtesy of darjeeling dreams.

i’ve been meaning to do one of these since i started the blog and a snowed in day in bed seemed like the perfect time.

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  1. Joseph said:

    Hi, I like your blog. I have just launched my jewellery collection and wondered if you would like to take a look?


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