louise wilson.

“You are absolutely fucking tragic. These drawings are repulsive… And you. Yes, you. You look like you’re looking down on me. You might think I’m a fat twat, but go around with body language like that and you’ll never get a job… What’s this? Jane Birkin is your muse? And she’d wear a velvet babygro with a fucking teddy bear on it, would she?… Why are you drawing bad legs? Why is everybody doing Stefano Pilati’s black wig collection? What do you mean it’s supposed to be Uma fucking Thurman in Pulp Fiction?…Where’s my Diet Coke? Has somebody spat in it yet? Who the hell is going to wear a 1950s silk-organza jacket? Yes, I know Prada did it, but that was all about sexual tension. Nobody’s going to want to fuck you in this, are they?”

god i wish she was my tutor. is that fucked up?

this is a quote from professor louise wilson obe the fashion lecturer for central st. martins. read the full interview in elle uk’s march issue.

quote from style bubble.

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