sorry guys.

had a bit of a hectic week/weekend.

my flat got robbed and amongst a lot of other things, my laptop got stolen.

still got my pics saved though thankfully so should be able to nick the boys when i get back from holiday next week.

  1. tifftastic said:

    oh no! sorry you got robbed. :/ that’s awful. my ipod was recently stolen from my car, which was parked in my own driveway! people suck, right?


  2. soloden said:

    Oh that was too bad. I hope you are ok now. Looking forward on your next post.Have a nice day.=D

    A Writers Den
    The Brown Mestizo


  3. die young, stay pretty. said:

    i know they stole my frigging car too cos the keys were in the flat!
    and my passport but luckily they found both. just missing a tv, comp, money and ipod…


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