robinson pfeffer.

a while ago i was kindly invited to view the new showroom of robinson pfeffer. taking a very circuitous route enjoying the sunshine (yes, it wasn’t actually that long ago that london had that blip of summer) i found the said showroom.

the lovely tara, was kind enough to show me round. the place boasts mostly australian/new zealand brands  and almost exclusively  womenswear, i have to say every rail filled me with glee ! first up were the shoes. all by designer ‘cooper’ i.e. beau coops, wedges galore and some amazing trainers for the boys too. definately had my eye on some black leather lace-up numbers.

photo via their website.

i have to say i didn’t know any of the designers they have other than stolen girlfriends club.

my favourites i’d have to say were tina kalivas:

who’s craftsmanship was impeccable (used to work for mcqueen i was told) and the jewelery designer lucy hutchings:

i will post about them in detail another time but also noteable were obakki for some serious slouchy sequins

, alpha 60 who had some amazing printed tops/dresses of paper art and birds

and zambesi (who’s website seems to be down at the moment…) for criss-cross tops and a great pattern cutting approach to trousers.

all in all i had a great time investigating and learning about all these designers which i will definitely be following in the future. thanks guys!

all photos (unless stated) courtesy of robinson pfeffer.

1 comment
  1. Laura said:

    I love the Kalidas dress, especially the accessories in the pocket.
    Great photos!


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