Let me tell ya fast city ain’t living all It’s cracked up to be. Fast city living it all it’s cracked up to be. Yes seem I need to go home and slow down in Jackson, Tennessee.

My pick of the finalists of the Red Bull Illume competition, dedicated to capturing the best of action sport photography.

Red Bull Illume Ben Horan by Ryan Taylor Manitowish Waters Wistconsin

Ben Horan shot by Ryan Taylor in a flooded cranberry field in Wisconsin, US.

Jordan & Cody. Colorado pipe

Cody Barger & Jordan Houck shot by Theodore Van Orman in Frisco, US.

Red Bull Illume Fredrik Berggren by Elian Kunosson in Are Sweden

Fredrik Berggren shot by Elian Kunosson in Are, Sweden

Red Bull Illume Jeff Croker by Jussi Grznar Sussex Inlet AustraliaJeff Croker shot by Jussi Grznar in Sussex Inlet, Australia

Red Bull Illume Gard Hvaara by Jaanus Ree in Tallinn Estonia

Gard Hvaara shot by Jaanus Ree in Tallinn, Estonia.

There’s some amazing talent on show here from both the photographers and the athletes. I like the fact that not all the shots are of daredevil stunts and it’s sometimes just as exciting to focus on the atmosphere. To see the rest and the winners go to the Red Bull Illume website now.


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