An ode to a jumpsuit.

The epitome of relaxed style, the jumpsuit is back with a vengeance. Having been dubbed for years as the labourers uniform we are now seeing it styled up with designer trainers and ‘messy’ hair. Just don’t try to get out of it too quickly…

Hungarian InStyle Magazine

Hungarian InStyle Magazine

India Rose

India Rose

The Sartorialist

 The Sartorialist

ASOS via PopSugar

ASOS via PopSugar

Sarah Harris by Vanessa Jackman

Sarah Harris by Vanessa Jackman

Rag and Bone Pre Fall 15

Rag and Bone Pre-Fall ’15 via Vogue

Gabriele Colangelo Fall 15

Gabriele Colangelo via Vogue


Texture in nature and the beauty that is monochrome.

A Noble Savage.


Acne AW14.

Roseark Rated.

Bottega Veneta SS15

Bottega Veneta SS15.

I want all my monochrome outfits to be oversized gingham from now on. Agi and Sam have the perfect example in their linen-esq trouser and top combo and in their beauty of an oversized coat. Winter white accessories in the form of wool beret/beanie amalgamations and black or charcoal shirts break up the informality of the gingham and give it an edge of sophistication.

Agi & Sam AW14 Agi & Sam AW14 2

Berluti, your colour pallette, your suiting and your overcoats. Oh my. You can’t really go wrong with a beautifully tailored overcoat come winter with massive rounded lapels and preferably double breasted. Allessandro Sartori is a master of the suit and shirt colour combo, subtle but still fun. Sartori, you’ve done it again.

Berluti AW14 Berluti AW14 2 Berluti AW14 3 Berluti AW14 4 Berluti AW14 5

Couple of weeks late but Ami killing it with their first runway show. Very much into grey at the moment (the colour of my wardrobe, walls and couches would attest to that). Loose tailoring and lots of layering make this collection a thing of relaxed beauty. A few hints of sportswear make it suitable for daytime and evening and an all in one colour outfit bring some fun. Ah tailored wool, how I love thee.

Ami AW14 Ami AW14 2 Ami AW14 3 Ami AW14 4 Ami AW14 5 Ami AW14 6 Ami AW14 7 Ami AW14 8

Every look was fantastic but these are my faves. All images from

I dream of grey.
jjjjound 55



garcon jon via the shiny squirrell


Jonathan Daniel Pryce via The Shiny Squirrel.

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