After a long absence (sorry about that) I have decided to start up the blog again. Many things have changed in my life in the past year and you will undoubtably see this reflected in my posts. There may be more writing involved and a larger array of subjects discussed but this will remain an inspiration blog rather than one of original content. For now anyway.

Also – I haven’t been a complete hermit, you may have seen me furiously pinning lately. If not, you should take a look. There’s some good stuff on there.


So without further ado let’s delve back into the blogging world. We start with Mandy Lee over at Lady and Pups. The recipe that caught my eye recently was a Turkish recipe for Çilbir, but with a twist. It’s a buttery, yoghurty, herby, chilli-y, eggy plate of yum with toast soldiers basically.


Although her recipes are in-depth and often lengthy I want to make all of them. I may end up being the size of a house if I succeed but I’m sure it would be a glorious food coma.


The photography on there is pretty spectacular too. Dark and moody and not at all how you would expect a recipe to be depicted.


Try it, let me know how you get on. Then maybe make me some too.


Fresh fish and chips on newspaper by Murray Mitchell.

via The Black Workshop.

perfect for a sunny day like today.


photography: john cullen.

styling: martine blackhurst and nikole herriott.

via forty sixth at grace.

this looks pretty amazing right now.

shame i don’t have any figs…

or bread…

or a panini machine…

source unknown.

happy valentines day everyone.

i hope there’s cake.


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